Climbing is Fun.

iRedpoint is the best app to track your climbing and boulder sessions automatically — giving you detailed overview and feedback on your ascents.

Use your Apple Watch as a fitness tracker for bouldering and climbing. Contribute your climbing session to closing your daily rings! Workouts are stored in HealthKit and therefore visible in the Health app and Workouts app as well.

After each session you will see detailed information about your climbs: the overall height, your heart rate, duration, maximum ascent height, ascending speed, difficulty of routes, and most importantly: iRedpoint will give you personalized training suggestions based on that data. How to go from V4 to V5? Or from 5.11b to 5.11c? iRedpoint creates a training plan just for you to achieve your next climbing goal.

So, how does that work?

Thanks to highly advanced machine learning we are able to classify climbing movements right on Apple Watch. In addition to that we use the built-in barometer to measure the ascended altitude. You can track the difficulty of ascended routes right from the Apple Watch.

iRedpoint supports a wide range of different climbing styles:

• Bouldering
• Top Rope
• Sport Climbing
• Trad Climbing
• Multi Rope (Alpine)
• Free Solo
• Aid Climbing