Shortcut Remote: Remote-Control your Mac with Siri!

With Shortcuts Remote you can connect remote-controlling your Mac with Siri.
Your Mac is finally integrated into your Smart Home!

For example, tell Siri on your HomePod to mute the volume on your Mac.

Or tell Siri on Apple Watch to pause Netflix on your Mac.

Brings the power of AppleScript to your fingertips

Or use the Shortcuts app to create more sophisticated workflows – controlling every aspect of your Mac with the power of AppleScript.

And the best thing: Shortcut Remote control even works from remote: All data is securely synced via iCloud. So you can even take a screenshot on your Mac while at the gym.

You can download the both the macOS companion app and the iOS app from the AppStore. They are bundled as one app, so once you bought it, it will be available on both iOS and macOS for free.

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Shortcut Remote Screenshots.008Shortcut Remote Screenshots.007Shortcut Remote Screenshots.006